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Written by JoJo Kirtley with Alice Cree

Directed by Corinne Kilvington

This is a story of war and of military life, but not as you’ve seen it before. Meet Roxie and Pen, two
women whose colourful friendship goes beyond magnolia walls.

Based on research by Newcastle University, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.
Performed by professional actors with a filmed community cast of military spouses.

This collaborative theatre-based research project explores the impacts of military participation and
war on personal relationships and home-life with military partners.

Workie Ticket Theatre CIC is Tyneside-based and female-led; producing work across the North-East which reflects current social issues. A commitment to creating real positive social impact through theatre is at the very heart of what they do.


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Evening Chronicle Interview with JoJo Kirtley



The 'Drama for Wellbeing' programme will be a six session workshop programme approved by a psychologist to help participants move forward from trauma. Our workshops are designed to build confidence, encourage self-care techniques, improve resilience and set realistic goals by using theatre practices and drama activities.. Sessions are based around the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' pathways: Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice & Give. This model is used in the NHS and has been proven to help improve mental health and wellbeing. We delivered a set of taster sessions to female veterans who had told us that our theatre workshops had been instrumental to their Post Traumatic Growth. They really inspired this project along side other communities of women we have engaged with in the last two years locally to make theatre. We use the theatre techniques we have learned to help survivors of trauma find their voice, build new connections and relationships and build confidence to set and action future plans. These are always reciprocal relationships in which we learn so much from the women and their communities too. Our 'Drama for Well Being' programme engages with women's organisations and communities to answer the call to bare witness to women's stories. Delivered by a fully qualified drama practitioner. 

Red Hair Girl

Workie Ticket were invited to Lambton Street Youth Centre in Sunderland on 4th March 2022 to listen to Kim McGuinness launch her new plan - 'Fighting Poverty, Fighting Crime' - and we are delighted to announce that we have received funding from Operation Payback for our new project - #AllMenCan - Womxn Up!

Inspired by the White Ribbon campaign, to end male violence against women ‘together’, we will be delivering workshops centred on crime prevention and creating a response play for our podcast.


A huge thank you to Kim & her team. We can't wait to get started. And thanks to Kevin for showing us around the centre!

More details on this exciting project to come..!

#AllMenCan - Womxn Up!

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