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Stand By Your Fan

Tickets are OUT NOW for this absolutely lush project we've been working on with Newcastle University which will be performed at The The Catalyst on Thursday 13th July 2023.

'Stand By Your Fan' features verbatim theatre & scenes written in collaboration with our community cast members -who are outstanding!

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The Womxn Up? Podcast series explored the impact of the pandemic on women – the #AllMenCan project has investigated the male experience of the pandemic with a specific and focused view on the increase of VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) regionally, nationally and worldwide during this period.


Inspired by White Ribbon UK, we decided to talk to men about male violence against women and girls, exploring subjects like domestic abuse, misogyny and incel culture.  We did this via a series of workshops, interviews and a survey with men from across the North East which we developed into a podcast.  We've also created a beautiful but heartbreaking response play from our research - "Jess's Dad" Written by Sarah Hughes, performed by Chris Iddon and directed by Charlotte Ryder. Edited by Studio 26. Our plan is to continue this vital work  in schools and youth clubs, businesses and organisations. And we'll be applying for future funding to support this work. 


#AllMenCan was funded by Operation Payback and we are extremely grateful to Kim McGuiness for all of her support. In March, we will be releasing three new episodes of the #AllMenCan season which include three real-life interviews from a local tattoo artist, politician and professor, which inspired the play.  The whole team has worked so hard to put this together but a special shout-out needs to go to Ashlea Sanderson who helped facilitate & develop the workshops, picked up on admin/ other work when I was mega busy and was my much-needed support on a project that we both found very challenging and triggering. Thank you, Ashlea! 


*Please note that our lovely artwork was created by Rachel Keen.*


Listen to the #AllMenCan Podcast

Jess's Dad Team

Produced by Studio 26               Performed by Chris Iddon         Written by Sarah Hughes                       Directed by Charlotte Ryder

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Drama for Wellbeing


Peter Brook once said 'I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage'

On 8 November 2022, Workie Ticket's stage was a hairdressers in Forest Hall for the launch of our Drama for Wellbeing Project. JoJo absolutely loved delivering a taster session at All That Sass Hair.

Thank you so much to Courtney for having us and we are so grateful to our amazing group who joined us for fun and laughter exploring image theatre, using props and learning about theatre practitioners.

Workie Ticket's 'Drama for Wellbeing' programme will be a six session workshop programme approved by a psychologist to help participants move forward from trauma. Our workshops are designed to build confidence, encourage self-care techniques, improve resilience and set realistic goals by using theatre practices and drama activities.. Sessions are based around the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' pathways: Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice & Give. This model is used in the NHS and has been proven to help improve mental health and wellbeing. We delivered a set of taster sessions to female veterans who had told us that our theatre workshops had been instrumental to their Post Traumatic Growth. They really inspired this project along side other communities of women we have engaged with in the last two years locally to make theatre. We use the theatre techniques we have learned to help survivors of trauma find their voice, build new connections and relationships and build confidence to set and action future plans. These are always reciprocal relationships in which we learn so much from the women and their communities too.


Our 'Drama for Well Being' programme engages with women's organisations and communities to answer the call to bare witness to women's stories. Delivered by a fully qualified drama practitioner.


Contact Us for more information.



Walk The Line

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Thankyou to the North of Tyne Combined Authority and to all of our incredible supporters!


'Walk The Line' is now fully-funded! Thanks to everyone's pledges, likes and shares.


We are over the moon  and overwhelmed with the support and response.

We WILL be delivering interactive workshops across the North-East to raise awareness about Domestic violence, exploring post-separation abuse and the systems that support perpetrators. We also aim to engage men as part of the discussion on how to end violence against women and girls.


Launch will be in April. On behalf of the whole Workie Ticket're all lush..!

Me and My Menopause

“If things are looking so positive-why is the menopause STILL such a taboo subject?”


Me and my menopause’ is a collaborative community theatre project based on research by Newcastle University’s Professor Karen Ross to raise awareness about the menopause. 


Exploring how we can best support women through the menopause, this project aims to debunk misogynistic attitudes, revolutionise how women experience the menopause and call for a better workplace culture. Artistic Director, JoJo Kirtley will be working alongside Professor Karen Ross to write a play based on a series of research workshops which were originally delivered in Uganda and Newcastle. The community cast will be made up of a professional actor and will include a ‘chorus’ of women who will learn performance skills and work alongside a theatre director. 


Our final performance will be in July at The Catalyst in Newcastle.


Date and times TBC.

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